from March 28 to July 1, 2016
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

BAS: Basic course on SP > Downloadable Material

Lecture 1: part I (html, best viewed with any browser but Explorer). For this part, download also the figures   FigBas1.tar.gz in the same directory. Part II pdf video

Lecture 2: pdfvideo

Lecture 3: pdfvideo  Lecture 4: pdfvideoLecture 5: pdfvideo 

Lecture 6: pdfvideo Lecture 7: pdf (classroom version), pdf (updated version), video

Lecture 8: pdf video Lecture 9: pdf video Lecture 10: pdfvideo Lecture 11: pdf video 

Lecture 12pdf video  Lecture 13pdf video Lecture 14: pdf video 

Lecture 15: pdf video  Lecture 16: pdf video Lecture 17: pdf video  Lecture 18: pdf video 

Lecture 19: pdf video  Lecture 20: pdf video  Lecture 21: pdf video Lecture 22: pdf video

Lecture 23: pdf video   Lecture 24: pdf video Lecture 25: pdf video 

Lecture 26: pdf video  Lecture 27pdf video


  • List 1: pdf.  Choose four questions and solve them.

Due date:  April 5th (before class). Lists delivered after the class has started will not be considered.

The deadline for the Matlab exercise is also April 5th

BEWARE that in question 6 the set S is assumed to be Borel measurable.

Final Project

pdf, Data (zip file).    New deadline: 18/07


 Final (computational) Exam

18/07,   2 p.m. Brasilia local time.





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