from March 28 to July 1, 2016
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

****** START HERE ****** (pre-registration How-To)

To take part in the SVAN program, you need to complete the two steps below:

  • to create an IMPA account on the system managing the thematic program SVAN;

  • to select and pre-register as a participant in each SVAN activity of your choice: workshop AASS, minicourses, research visit; pre-registration is free*

Click HERE to log into IMPA system (or to create an account) and pre-register for your SVAN activities. Note: the IMPA page for pre-registering is at this moment under construction, so you may find some typos and inconsistencies. We apologize for any eventual inconvenience and/or confusion. We expect to publish the final version soon.


  • For purposes of research on SVAN related topics, it is possible to stay at IMPA during the trimester, even if there is no SVAN activity scheduled for the period. Select the option "Research Visit" in the IMPA system and  inform the dates you would like to visit.

*Pre-registration offers the possibility to apply for financial support to participate in the program. 



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